The Perfect Exercise Class for Video Game Enthusiasts

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Here in New York City, the Bobbi Brown team gets to experience the newest and craziest fitness trends right at our doorsteps. But we’re not just lipstick wearing gym enthusiasts—some of us enjoy winding down (or up) with our Nintendo DS or Wii. Recently, we discovered a fitness class in New York City that combines high-tech gaming with high-intensity training. It’s called AG6, and you can only take the class at a gym called Asphalt Green.


In this 45-long class, the walls and floors respond to touch, so you’re not competing with your sweaty classmates—you’re competing with the game. Now, if you’ve ever tried to slack off in class while the instructor is changing the music (we know we’re not the only ones), you won’t be able to get away in this class, as the touch-sensitive LED light flat surfaces will respond to your frequency of movement. The class is circuit-based, so you’re able to go at your own pace until time’s up.

The whole idea of this class is to make your personal workout as efficient as possible without paying the price of a personal training session. You won’t just be burning calories or gaining muscle or becoming more flexible in this class—like any video gamer knows, it also exercises your brain, one of the most powerful organs in your body. WorkOut2

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