The Surprising Inspiration Behind My 2 New Bronzers

Finding the perfect shade of bronzer isn’t always easy — for women or men. You may not think about it, but plenty of guys, especially famous ones in the public eye, also rely on bronzer for a healthy-looking glow. As a makeup artist, I have used bronzer on men on TV because they might need their hands bronzed if their face is a different color. Or a day in the sun may make their face darker than their neck or ears.


With this in mind, my two latest bronzer formulas are named after two men. First up is Elvis Duran, a warm, terracotta brown shade. If you listen to Z100, you know it’s named after the radio personality and host of the number one morning show. Elvis was misusing bronzer, and I needed to correct it with the right color. (Trust me, even dudes have trouble with looking too orange). Ever since our makeup moment, I’ve loved being a guest on his show as the resident Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, answering caller questions on everything from celebrity beauty to men’s grooming.

Stonestreet Photo via Eric Stonestreet Instagram

My other new bronzer is called Stonestreet, created for Cam on “Modern Family,” one of my favorite shows. Eric Stonestreet has very fair skin, so we really worked to find a color that would just warm it up, landing on this great brown bronze shade.

Both available now in a lightweight, matte formula, these color are quickly becoming go-to shades for women, too.  I am always looking to widen my range with wearable colors that create a natural look. While the source for Elvis Duran and Stonestreet may be a little more unusual, I’m confident you’ll love them as much as I enjoy the two men who inspired them.



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2 thoughts on “The Surprising Inspiration Behind My 2 New Bronzers

  1. STONESTREET bronzer is the 1st great match for my porcelain complexion in the 20 yrs. I’ve used all BB skincare & makeup. It has just the right amount of color…not too dark, too orange, too yellow, etc. It’s just a natural hint of color. Since I ALWAYS wear SPF 50, my fair skin never darkens in summer, so a touch of STONESTREET on my cheeks, nose, chin, neck & chest gives me a color boost. Thanks Bobbi.


  2. Stonestreet is my new go-to for bronzer. I wear a 2.0 Sand in your foundation stick and Stonestreet just makes my skin look healthy. LOVE it! Thanks Bobbi!


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