The New #ArmParty: Wearable Fitness Trackers


Not too long ago, if you wanted to count your daily footsteps (10,000 steps per daily is the minimum amount recommended by the American Heart Association) you’d have to strap a clunky pedometer around your belt. It stuck out from the rest of your outfit, and not in a vintage statement jewelry sort of way. Nowadays, fitness trackers—yes, they track your steps, and so much more—not only are more advanced in technology, but also are chicer accessories that we actually want to show off. From Fitbit to Apple Smartwatch, we’re embracing wearable tech to make fitness an all-day activity. After all, why shouldn’t that afternoon stroll to Starbucks count as exercise? Here are the fitness wearables that are making wellness easier to track—and look good on your wrist, too.


Apple Watch ($650)

The Fashion: If you really want to splurge, you could invest in an 18-karat solid gold case (starting at $10,000) or a leather Hermès band (starting at $340). But the more affordable options are plentiful—a non-Hermès leather band is $150.

The Fitness: The watch senses how often you stand/sit, how many calories you’re burning, and how much you’re exercising. You can even pick the type of workout you’re doing for better accuracy. It also measures your heart rate throughout the day.

The Tech: Think of this like an extension of your iPhone—you can even text and make calls on it. (Hello, Siri!) You can also download beautifully-designed health and fitness apps, like Runkeeper and WaterMinder, onto your watch, just like you would on your iPhone.


Fitbit Alta ($130)

The Fashion: The sleek swappable bands come in metal, leather, and various shades of plastic. There are even soon-to-launch collaborations with Public School and Tory Burch, for those of you who sweat in designer gear.

The Fitness: In addition to automatically tracking your steps and logging your workouts, Alta automatically tracks your sleep cycle.

The Tech: Using the app on your phone, you can set vibrating alarms or reminders on the Alta. Need to know how you’re doing? Just tap the band for your stats.


Jawbone UP4 ($150)

The Fashion: The rubber and aluminum bands are only available in two colors: Black Twist and Silver Cross—perfect for monochrome enthusiasts.

The Fitness: It tracks your daily activity, sleep pattern, and resting and passive heart rate. You can also use it to track your food intake.

The Tech: Just tap the band to pay with American Express. Yep, paying for that post-run smoothie has never been easier.


Samsung Gear Fit2 ($180)

The Fashion: The bands come in pink, blue, and black, but they’re not interchangeable.

The Fitness: It automatically records your activity and uses GPS technology to map your runs for accuracy. It also measures your heart rate and calories burned.

The Tech: The 1.5-inch screen has the best quality, pixel-wise, of all the fitness trackers, if you can deal with the size. If you have a Samsung Android, you can use this band to make calls and text, too.


Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch ($950)

The Fashion: This Swiss-made smartwatch—the first of its kind—is for the traditionalists who can’t part with their analog watches. Like you’d expect from a Swiss watch, this one is made from quartz, leather, and stainless steel.

The Fitness: Looks are deceiving: like any other fitness tracker, this watch connects to an app on your phone and tracks your activity and sleep cycles.

The Tech: Unlike other fitness trackers, you only have to charge the watch once every two years. It also syncs with your phone while you’re traveling, so that your time zone is always up-to-date.

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