Retouching 101



When I first started doing makeup I would look at magazines and editorial spreads for inspiration. The models always looked perfect and airbrushed and it wasn’t until later that I found out they actually were. I learned how to make skin look healthy, fresh, and clean – and essentially retouched. Now, I am so excited to introduce two new products: The Retouching Wand and The Retouching Pencil. They are long wearing (12 hours) and have a perfectly, natural finish, and not to mention, so easy to use. 


The Retouching Wands are now available on and



The Retouching Pencils are now available on and

Check out my Facebook Live segment for tips on using the retouching wands and pencil, and how to conceal dark circles and discoloration, quickly. And stay tuned on Facebook Live for more! 



Some of you guys had a few questions from the live stream – my nail polish color is Geranium by Essie and my navy cropped sweater is Sandro.

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6 thoughts on “Retouching 101

  1. Getting confusing w/ so many “cover/concealer” products! Pencils, sticks, pots, serums, now a click up stick. How many do we need? The newer ones are expensive w/ not a lot of product. I’ll stay w/ my pot of concealer & corrector.


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on August 31st, 2016

    We completely understand and our online Bobbi Brown Artists are standing by to help alleviate any concerns and help determine which products will best suit your needs. Click here for instant advice:


  2. I love your tutorials, however, it would be great to see more “middle aged” women in them as opposed to females in their 20s. It does not give a realistic viewpoint on how great your makeup is (especially when launching new products). When I send your video links to girlfriends, that is a common complaint as to why they do not purchase your product as they cannot connect with the teen-like models being used :-/


  3. I love these new Retouching additions to the line Bobbi! I think my favorite is definitely the Wand. It gives such even perfect coverage and looks amazing on. I’m so glad you decided to keep the retouching powders as part of the line as well. They’re next on my list of “must haves” to get. Thank you for all you do! i can’t wait to see what the next 25 years of Bobbi Brown have in store!! XO David


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