Who Said Lunch Boxes Are Just for Kids?

When did brown sack PB&J sandwiches and carrot sticks go out of style? We’ve been following the plight of parents who participate in competitive bento box-making for a while, and recently Goop asked professional chef moms to share their favorite lunchbox recipes, which include goji berry cookies and prosciutto-stuffed sandwiches. We love healthy, colorful, simple lunches at the office, and working in New York City, we have, arguably, the best delivery and takeout options in the world. It’s never a Sad Desk Lunch day here—just look at Bobbi’s Instagram for proof! But the holidays are coming up, which means we should be saving up, and we just remembered our New Year’s Resolution to bring lunch to work more often… It’s not too late, right?

With some scouting, we found the most stylish but functional eco-friendly adult lunch boxes to make your Monday-to-Friday work meals so much more enticing, so that you don’t reach for your co-worker’s leftover pizza slice instead. Trust us, we’re experts at this—all good things come in good packaging!

Overlap Sewing Studio Wax Canvas Lunch Bag ($48)


Take the familiarity of a brown sack and make it waterproof and durable.

Stackable Lunch Pot ($25)

stackable pot

This microwave- and dishwasher-safe set is perfect for re-heating leftover stews and soups.

Two-Piece Enamelware Lunch Pail ($89)

two piece

Eat—and Instagram—your kale salad directly out of this chic white pail.

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Lunch Box ($79)


This is a lunch box that takes the workday very seriously. According to the merchant, it also makes a great stool.

Monbento Square Bento Box ($30)


This French-designed bento box is both chic and sturdy, allowing you to pack afternoon snacks in the individual compartments.

San Yoshi Lacquerware Bento Bowl ($18)


Put your main meal in the shatterproof bowl, and add your favorite snacks in the top compartment.

Metaphus Ojue Lunch Box ($77)


Most food containers are bulky and sit awkwardly in your handbag—this stackable set sits vertically like a book.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tiffin Box ($50)


This cult-favorite lunch box will change your life—the thermos will keep your food warm all day.

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