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Pilates—it’s what supermodels in $100 leggings do in airy loft studios without breaking a sweat, right? Well, yes, according to Instagram, but Pilates is also a tough workout that gives you a dancer’s body. We’re talking rock hard abs, toned legs, and ballerina arms. We’re also talking about better posture, better body awareness, and better breathing—it’s a lot of benefits for a workout that looks deceivingly easy. (This is also why a lot of physical therapists employ Pilates instructors for supplement care.)



However, because of the equipment and boutique atmosphere, Pilates can be expensive, with private lessons running up to $200 per hour and group classes running up to $40 per person. A good workout shouldn’t be exclusive, though, which is why we are excited to find out about nationwide Pilates franchise, Club Pilates. It’s like SoulCycle for Pilates enthusiasts, and it offers the average cost for a month of unlimited classes is just $135. If you do Pilates everyday (and ideally, we would), that’s less than $5 per class! Same cost and better outcome than what you get out of that $5 latte, yes?



Club Pilates is set to open 150 studios around the country by the end of the year, and in addition to traditional classes, it also offers TRX, bootcamp, springboards, and exo-chairs. Unfortunately for Bobbi Brown HQ, there aren’t any studios in New York City yet. But for everyone else, this is a chance to do something different with your exercise routine—and Instagram about it.

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